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LoveTalk brings to life the reality of God’s love in the person of Jesus Christ. LoveTalk’s creative programming & exciting commentary “un-packs” biblical truth in context to popular culture & cultural myths.

Too often, Christ has been relegated to empty pews & stained-glass buildings. Each Saturday, LoveTalk tackles topics that matter – all within the context of living life to the fullest in Christ.


LoveTalk History

Celebrating over 40 years in Christian broadcast ministry, LoveTalk has been bringing Christ’s perspective for love-living to radio audiences in Texas and worldwide through webcasting. Evelyn Davison founded LoveTalk with a vision to reach listeners with the joy, simplicity and love of Christ. While Evelyn’s childhood years were surrounded by secular radio, God has used those early years to bring His love message to a world thirsty for the truth of the gospel.
Join our celebration each Saturday on LoveTalk. Celebrate the good news of the gospel found in the person of Jesus Christ. Rejoice with Cathy, Kerri, Marlene and their guests who embark on the next chapter of our lives with Christ. Get the latest Good News of what Christ is doing in the central Texas area, the nation and its people. LoveTalk Network provides archives of LoveTalk live and connection for listeners worldwide..

Hosted and produced by Cathy Endebrock, Marlene McMichael and Coach Kerri Brinkoeter, on KTXW each Saturday morning  at 10 am.