Today the news sources are scrambling to cover a flood of water and a flood of promises.  Both of which are reasons for us to pray for our nation.

This week, Republicans share the headlines with the winds and rains of Isaac.

Next week, as the Democrats meet in Charlotte for their convention, the event will headline a 2 hour prayer meeting led by Muslim imams. That is shocking!  President Obama will lay the foundation for his big time in the spotlight by asking the false god “Allah” to bless their event and future of America.

They have the right to do that… but …. Is it the right thing to do for America?      No!  God says plainly, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Can God bless a nation whose leaders worship the wrong God?  Yes, He can.  He did it with Israel after he let them wander under 40 years of discipline in the wilderness of wickedness and want.  He gave the only what they need to survive.

Blessing came when Joshua, their new leader called for commitment, “As for ME and MY house… we will worship the Lord our God.”  He drew a line in the brokenness of their hearts and called for commitment.

America needs leaders who will do that, but God has the option of using someone who doesn’t when his people make wrong choices.

If we fail to choose leaders who stand for life, blessing will only come through discipline— whose purpose is to bring repentance.

So, it is time!  Time for all Christians to stop hiding out and go to the marketplaces of life to be actively involved in God’s blessing America.

We may not like the choices we have for President and Commander-in-chief, but we do have to make a choice.  We can’t do that by hiding out, not making our voices known, and refusing to choose.

Our choice is not between evil and evil!  It is on values and liberty that best line up with the Constitution, Truth, Life and Light… the example of Jesus Christ.

That choice is between Sinner & Sinner.  It will be made by you know whom?  Other sinners!  We are all sinners who must seek God’s forgiveness and blessing.

As Christians, we are not without sin, but we must be committed to life and not death as we represent Jesus.

We may not like the options we have, but we have no other choice.  Our choice must be the one that best represents LIFE for the born and unborn.

Evelyn Davison, August 29, 2012.  Love Talk , Saturdays 9 AM 1490 AM


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