There is so much to do! How will I ever get it all done? In the crush of Christmas, we sometimes lose our child-like sense of wonder and anticipation of a coming King. We are not alone, more than 2000 years ago the children of Israel failed to anticipate the coming Messiah.

A nation of promise had stopped looking forward to the Savior, the Redeemer – God’s Chosen One. Many became too busy to notice the night sky blazing with hope for mankind. As children of God, we are formed for hope. We are made to be filled with anticipation and to believe in something far greater than ourselves.


Our legacy of love is filled with those who held fast to the truth of God, despite hardship or hurriedness. Mary & Joseph traded every anxiety for anticipation of the promised child. Even in the womb, John leapt with anticipation for the Christ child. Simeon & Anna held fast to the promises of God, believing that they would see the Messiah in their life.


We are called to fresh hope every day of our life, regardless of circumstance. We are called to believe in the reality of the Messiah daily. We are to look forward to God’s best handiwork – in our lives and in our world. Embrace the truth, God is coming soon to establish the physical reign of Christ upon the earth. Herald the truth and bring the good news of the gospel to every corner of the earth. Finally, we celebrate in our hearts a personal relationship with the Creator God of the universe.


Today, we observe more than an ancient event. We celebrate the daily reality of God’s redemptive plan – a savior born for each of us. Even with this, God is not finished. We are made to look forward, to anticipate the greatest works of God – yet to come. As children of God, we anticipate Christmas beyond our material or cultural trappings. We are called to move beyond making a ‘to-do’ list for God in our lives. He does not exist to grant our need or greed. He has a greater purpose for each of us. He invites us to join Him – to receive His heart of hope for man and the generations to come. His invitation extends beyond a day into eternity.


Christmas heralds a new covenant between man & God. Christ is called Emmanuel – God with us. As we walk with God, we are called to be miracle makers in the life of those who have yet to encounter a living personal God. He invites us to join Him, to be on mission with Him. We are the earthen vessels of a living God. He calls us to bring blessing to every circumstance & crisis. We receive His invitation to a heavenly partnership, praying the promises of God and believing them!


  • Anticipate more than you ever did as a child
  • Anticipate more than you ever have as an adult
  • Fill your heart with hope for the generations to come
  • Pray the promises of God and believe them
  • Make your treasure full of the truth of the Trinity
  • Anticipate the Christmas Child born for you – A Savior
  • Anticipate the Reign of Christ
  • Open your heart to the rule & reign of Christ in Your Life

May Emmanuel, the Messiah – Christ with us, become a living reality to you. I pray that Christmas will have greater meaning to you than ever before. Anticipate God’s grace, goodness and greatness today and every day!

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