John 10:10 “I am here… now… and have a gift for you.  It is abundant life!

Abundance in everything you need to live the Alleluia Life.

 Is doubt the door to understanding the Power of His Presence? It can be. Doubt can lead us to asking the right questions. Like, am I on the right highway to heaven?

Is failure the backdoor to successful living? Failure is often the course taken to commitment and conviction. Failure prompts us to ask, why do I feel like I can never get it right in life?

Is wonder the window to hope? Sure…wonder is a walk that explores with God the wrong within.  When wondering we ask, what is it that I am doing wrong?

Is searching the shade to Heaven? Searching is the honest hallway for help. Searching’s supply is, where do I go for help?

Is seeking a salute to the Savior? Seeking always leads us to the One with answers. When we are seeking, God brings understanding to our hearts – Am I expecting too much of God, others and myself

Honest questions can develop an attitude of expectant hope and security. Hope and security does not come from the basics of achieving and straining. They come only from the gifts of eternal life –  from the foundations of love, grace, faith and freedom.

Jesus said, “I have come. I am the promised One. I am the Present One. I am now (to the disciples the present one come in human form) soon I will be the present one in power at residence in your heart, soul and spirit – Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit and Fruit of the Sprit.

Hope, security, faith and freedom simply let life unfold under the provision and protection of God.  The marvel and wonder of it all writes a melody of joy and alleluia…only Jesus makes it real. Alleluia!

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