When fear seems bigger than your faith, what do you do? THINK! 

Remember what JESUS DID!  Remember what He is doing now!

Think about all the times He walked the hills and pathways of the world He created, He became weary and worn as he faced the challenge of the cross. One thing we know, He never gave up.  He loved us that much.

So our question is, “How much do we love him?”  Is our love for him bigger than our fear?  When we can’t answer that question, it is best to remember what He said.   “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28).

“Come to Me!” How does one do that?  The only way is to send faith & trust to the door of the dungeon of fear.

Why faith in Jesus?  He offers the assurance of The One who knew God’s Plan!    He walked just about everywhere He went.  He had no cell phone, I-pad or Harley Davidson.  Living as a penniless leader in an oppressed nation without a bed of his own, He never gave up on his Father’s plan.

Those whom He called friends believed He was Lord and Savior.  Yet, when their fear was bigger than their faith, they were driven away by fear .They were looking at the cross— we look back at the cross!  It is there LOVE purchased abundant life and Jesus said, “It is finished!”

What did He finish?  The miracle of redemption!  It was not that He said, “It is finished.”  No, it is not  what He said, but what He did—on the Cross!

We may think when He said, “I will give your rest” He meant, “I will give you a recliner.”  Don’t think that was true.  Could be that He said, “I will give you the rest of my plan and power for the rest of your life.”

He knew there would be times when we would be wounded, weary, worn-out, worried, and waiting for answers…  Are you one of those?

If so, send faith to the door — be sure to use the key of trust.  He is waiting to give you the rest!

© 2013, Evelyn Davison

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