“Since you are made by God for this new life of love, get up every day and dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you” – Col 3:13 ff, The Message

I have the funniest sister, just thinking of her brings a smile to my heart. As sisters we are very different, yet it is uncanny the things we share. We buy identical shoes and both fear being locked in the bathroom stall! We have a connection Рsomething in common. We share something  deeper; something that every human being shares, a common heritage.

No matter who we are or where we come from we all share a heritage of ‘connection’. We share a desire for deep meaning and lasting connections – to touch the lives of others in meaningful ways. How we connect and impact with one another is our legacy. What we leave to others; is who we are. What we believe and how we see the world, is what we really leave behind in the hearts and minds of others. This connection, our legacy is a profound gift given by God. Generationally, it is a gift from heaven to parents for our children. What we make of our legacy can be good, bad or both if not nurtured. Are you curious about the emotional, spiritual and emotional legacy you are leaving your family?


Do your children know that Jesus loves everyone?

Do they know God is personal, loving and forgiving?

Do you model love and forgiveness to your family?

Do you clarify timeless truths, what is right and wrong?

Do you incorporate spiritual principles & activities into everyday living?

Excerpts Your Heritage, by J. Otis Ledbetter and Kurt Bruner

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