Tragically, America is observing the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade. This week, American’s on both sides of the ‘life’ issue took to the streets – from the White House to State Houses across the nation. This red-letter day in contemporary America’s history, reads with the unknown names of innocent children lost to the American Holocaust.

Sadly, this catastrophe is not limited to our own borders – it is a global issue. Americans routinely invoke the blessing of God upon our nation, instinctively believing we are the purveryors good in the world. It is not my intent to denounce the nation I love or denigrade the good America does in our hurting world. But we must be willing to examine the truth. America is a leader and proponet of  abortion across the globe. With more than 1 million abortions performed annually in our country, Planned Parenthood is the government’s chosen abortion provider. PPFA downplays the significance of abortion, saying it represents only 3% of its services. The truth is, abortion plays a much more significant role in both Planned Parenthood’s agenda and the budgetary bottom line. One third of Planned Parenthood revenues are derived from abortion procedures.

There is even more in the ominous history of Planned Parenthood. Founder, Margaret Sanger is listed as one of the most significant women in American history. Really? Examine the agenda of PPFA and it’s founder by her own words:

  • In the Pivot of Civilization, she refers to immigrants and poor people as ‘human weeds’ and ‘reckless breeders’.
  • Sangers Plan for Peace said, couples should be required to submit applications to have a child.
  • She wrote in 1919, the purpose of promoting birth control was ‘to create a race of thoroughbreds’.

 Today, on the Capitol grounds of Texas there was a celebration of life far different from Sanger and her legacy. Not a protest or a political parade, the rally celebrated a culture of life and landmark legislation leading this nation back to life. There is reason to celebrate – federal courts have upheld Texas legislation requiring doctor’s to provide a sonogram to every woman. She is also given the opportunity to hear the beating heart of the child within.

 Although 40 years of abortion has resulted in more than 50 million innocent lives lost (2x’s the current population of Texas),  life-lovers came from every corner of the State to celebrate truth – that every life has meaning, every life deserves liberty; and, that it is our responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves in order to preserve the liberties of us all. A call to prayer was issued: Pray for those who cannot pray for themselves, pray for those paid to terminate life and pray for those on the sidelines of this definitive issue.

As Christian’s we are called to set aside every allegiance, except to One – Jesus. He authored creation, He creates us in our mother’s womb and He numbers our days. It is He alone who came to defeat death, so that you and I might have life. Above every political fray and frenzy of  His own day, He rises to this day above it all. Jesus is in every way pro-life. Not a politician, or a national hero – He is the Perfect1, the one who is able to rescue each of us from the clutches of sin and death. He provides to all who claim Him as King, life eternal. Remember as we grieve over those who have been lost to the ravages of this age, that Christ alone brings life. It is not enough that we live for a secular goal, to eradicate evil in our day. But that we represent the light of Christ to a dark and deceived world. Hatred will not win this war, the victory belongs to The Victor – Christ Jesus.

 Our goal is not to limit life to cultural warfare, but to actively engage in life growing in the grace of God. Take a look at how all of us can engage in the life He has called us to live, love and lead:  

  • Grow Up – Our maturity is not determined by the people we know or the ideologies we profess, but by the evidence of the Word becoming active in our lives. 1Cor 3:2-3
  • Give Way – God is the author and finisher of our faith; we are His vessels, and instruments. We are the connections through which God works in the world. 1 Cor 3:6-9
  • Get Engaged – The way to live out the truth of God is to engage and follow Him. We cannot isolate ourselves from life around us. We are made to be servants of love. Pro 18:1-2
  • Gain Wisdom – God’s Word tells us to follow the positive examples of other believers in our pursuit of Christ. The believers road is well travelled and marked by those who have gone before us and upon who’s shoulders we stand. 1Cor 4:15-16
  • Give Glory – God, not man, defines what is eternal and worthy of glory. “Christ in us, the hope of glory.” Our efforts should be for His glory and not for our own. Col 1:27, 1Cor 3: 11-15
  • Grant Grace – We are not at war with others, not even those who do evil.  God clearly calls us to love before judgement – to forgive so that our sins can be forgiven. Mat 6

What does Pro-Life really mean?  It means to allow Christ to live in us so that His love may be displayed in a way that others will have an opportunity to know the Perfect1 – The True Life Giver.

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