Everyone leaves a legacy of some kind – the question is not IF you will leave a legacy BUT what will your life’s legacy be?

Our common thought is that a legacy is something we leave this world, something that speaks of our lives. Often we think of a legacy as something left to us by our family. But, to a Christian ‘legacy is broader and far more foundational – having little to do with material goods, but the spiritual inheritance given to us by God.

The World’s View

The world promotes a perspective on legacy that has very little relevancy for Christians. Politicians, live toward leaving an historical legacy. Those in science and technology hope to build a legacy of advancement and discovery. The business world envisions and hopes for greater financial reward. Many seek a legacy of fame & power which accompanies ‘good works’. This is not to belittle the advancement of the world, frequently God uses people in every walk of life to impact people, nations and the globe. For this we give thanksgiving and gratitude for the calling of God on every walk of life. God’s blessing is not limited to profession or success – but is infinite in our profession of faith and achievement in reaching toward His higher calling.

Heaven’s View

Every person has an inheritance from God – established by Him in Christ Jesus. Guaranteed by salvation and secured in life through the Holy Spirit. He wrote our legacy in heaven and joins with heavenly hosts in praying toward the promise given to each of us, regardless of social or economic status. Each person’s legacy is unique and all are the same. How so? The path I walk is my own, just as is every individual. What we have in common is this – we are God’s inheritance, we are adopted into the family of God, he establishes our lives as we live out His principles given to us in the living Word of God.


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