As I age and lose my energy or  beauty (as if I have ever had any), I feel more and more like the seven little ones in the Snow White story, written by the Brothers Grimm.

Sneezy – Allergies are consuming my life

Doc – Self-medicate with Benedryl

Sleepy – Too much to do and not enough hours.

Dopey – Hangover from of  lack of sleep

Grumpy – Everything that moves hurts

Bashful –  Unprepared to carry on any debate.

Happy –  I know the TRUTH!  Jesus is greater than any need I have.

As I move on in my eighty second year of life, I really like number seven better than number one.  The hard part is the Lord says in everything give praise and thanks.

The only way I can do that is to remind “self” that I know He is greater than anything that comes against me.

And that gives me a happy feeling, and I hang on to Happy.

   H onoring

     A doring

P raying

P raising

Y ielding

    WOW!  I feel better already, and I have forgotten  about the next birthday.

© 2013,  Evelyn Davison

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