It is easy to be confused about preparation for life – if you get great grades in school and accepted into the hallowed halls of college, are you ready for life?

We pursue experience and cultural exposure in the hopes that it will broaden our horizons, preparing us for the road ahead. What about knowledge, is it enough for the valleys ahead?

Our history is often the same – we pursue knowledge when wisdom is what we need and a direct gift from God. He even tells us ‘wisdom’ is crying out in the streets but no one answers. We are guaranteed to grow-up but are we actively pursuing maturity?


Not everyone will live a perfect life, in fact, no one will. No one – not even one will escape suffering or disappointment. Life is not a question of perfection; it is a quest for promise, presence and the plan of God.

Thankfully, we have fulfillment of His Promise in Christ Jesus. The presence of God deposited in our lives via the Holy Spirit and the plan of God set forth in the Word. He gives us specific insight into preparation; take the ten virgins waiting on their bridegroom in Matthew 25:1-13.


In this story from God, all ten are representative of Christians – people like you and me! The odds even 50/50 – some prepped and others were caught off guard. What does it mean to be prepared? Is it matter of hoarded water, rations and generators?

It is this, we are life-time preppers called to a profession of faith more than a creed – being prepared requires our disposition to become the personification of our faith. We are defined by who He is in us and not what we ‘don’t’ do. Our lamps are generously light by the oil of grace daily provided by Christ to all who cross our paths. Our heart is His vessel by which Christ becomes known as a light to a darkened world.


Beyond academics, experience or exposure we share a common goal for life – maturing faith – called to own our faith before God. Our common call is to live beyond doctrine, being authentic before a world looking for the reality of Christ.

Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. – Mt 24:44

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