“I in them and you in me, all being perfected into one.

Then the world will know… and will understand that you love them as much as you love me.” – John 17:23

God affirms His love for Jesus, the Son in whom He is well pleased. Christ tells us clearly, the Father loves us as much as He loves His Son. Is this possible? With God it is! The greatest truth told to us about us is – YOU ARE LOVED.

Is this reason enough to live from the blessing of being loved by God? YES!

God says we are like signposts of His everlasting love, a shining light beamed from heaven into our hearts. Here are some signs lighting the way in our journey of joy.

  • His love is unfailing
  • His love is not earned
  • His love is deeper than any need
  • His love is full of hope for the future
  • His love is fulfilled by Christ Jesus
  • His love is an everlasting covenant

The billboard over your life is…you are chosen, and you are beloved. Say “Yes” to the love of God, your significance, your worth, and your belonging is grounded in His love.

Say, “yes” to his truth – you are loved because of God’s great love!

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