1 Chronicles 16

David was throwing the biggest party in his new nation’s life. Why? The Ark of the Covenant – the habitat of God – had found a permanent home with the people of God. Today, we are the living expression of God’s permanent home. He abides in the children of God. We have every reason to celebrate! God is at the very center of every living thing. He lives in the hearts of His people and inhabits our praises. Our lives are an on-going celebration of God’s mercy and grace.

 We live a life of wonder – the wonder of God’s love, character & living spirit. God is at the center of the universe and every detail of our lives. He is to be glorified, to be honored and to be called upon. Even as we live in wonder, there are times we wander through the complexities and circumstances of life. For this, we need to connect to the signposts of God’s Wonder to find our way. God’s signposts are a sure path to living the life God intended.


God has a unique path in the life of each of His children. A key to knowing God is to make Him known to others. Tell your story. Tell His story. Tell the good news and the reality of God in your life. Why? By doing this, we acknowledge our dependence and allegiance to him. Acknowledging God is a form of adoration to Him. When we serve the interests of His kingdom 1st before ourselves, we open the doorway to heaven & healing in our lives.


Our lives are not our own. We are part of a bigger story – HisStory. Our story is a story of commitment and covenant with God in history. Our value does not come from reaching perfection or personal milestones. Our worth comes from relationship with the Savior. In relationship we embark upon a journey of trust, a demonstration of His triumph and victory. A life that glorifies God and shares in His glory.


 God never forgets…but we can. He calls upon us to remember the promise of His covenant. We are called to be a testimony to the ages; we are a lasting remembrance of God. Standing upon His ancient promises, it is our calling to believe in the lasting and eternal promises of God. When we fail to remember His covenant, His promises can become antiquated, irrelevant and forgotten in the hearts of His children. Only God has the authority to bring to pass His written & spoken promise. Our part is to remember, witness and profess the faithfulness of God.


On our own we are vulnerable – to the wiles of those who oppose God & to our own choices. We are vulnerable to culture and the conditions of mankind. God’s mercy endures to every generation that calls upon His Goodness. We remember His mercy in thankfulness to Him. Throughout the bible He conquered kings & lands for the sake of his children. Those that God anoints and appoints are protected by His grace & glory.


The Lord’s salvation is the focus of our praise. We are created to proclaim the good tidings of His salvation to a world that is desperate for truth. The ultimate promise of God has been fulfilled in Christ Jesus. We give thanks because we have a love relationship with Christ who fulfills every promise of God.


We live in wonder at the creative goodness of God. His providence established the world and His wisdom governs. His handiwork causes the earth to rejoice. Our praise is constant because of His constancy & splendor. Our offering of praise is the fruit of our lips & lives. We worship His holiness – perfection, justice & righteousness. His holiness sanctifies our souls. His strength & joy fill our hearts and bring beauty to our lives.

 “Remember!” shouts David to the nation of Israel. Remember all that God has done and is doing – all that is yet to come. When you find yourself wandering through life – don’t forget to wonder. We are called to a life of wonder – at the greatness, goodness and grace of God.

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