This New Year brings a twist to that which most of us resolve to do with both anticipation and apprehension – the dreaded New Year’s ‘R’ word.  You guessed it… Resolution.  But fear not – for the new trendy thing for this New Year is to resolve not, I repeat ‘not’, to have any New Year’s resolutions.  Because, according to secular media, New Year’s resolutions don’t really work and only serve to frustrate us and make us dissatisfied with who we are and what we have.  Why should we aspire to be better, healthier, happier individuals?  Shouldn’t we be satisfied with ourselves and happy to remain ‘Just As I Am’?  If we are talking about material goods and aspiring to fit into the jeans of a secular model in order to be acceptable and loved by all, then yes, let’s throw away those ridiculous resolutions.  However, if we are talking about character ‘goods’ and aspiring to fit into the jeans of our Big Brother with the help of our Heavenly Father who already fully loves and accepts us, than let’s get better about making our resolutions so they are worthwhile and achievable.

A worthwhile, achievable resolution should never frustrate you but should excite and encourage you.  The primary thing to remember when setting a resolution is to be age appropriate.  When Jesus was a baby, did He resolve to stand up and walk?  No, He simply focused on the need at hand and drank as much milk as possible.  And yet when it was time, not only did He walk, but He walked on water.  When Jesus was a young boy of 12 did He resolve to heal the crowds and marvel a multitude with the power of the Spirit?  No, He simply spent time in His Father’s house, talking through the Word with men.  And yet when it was time, not only did he heal and display the power of the Spirit to multitudes, but He taught a handful of men who would continue on to change the entire world with His message.

How many Christmases have you had?  How many New Years?  How many have you had since your spiritual birth into the family of Christ.  Can you review the past and see your growth from year to year?

Let’s not accept the hip fad that is the new ‘thang’ this year.  We can be in it and see others ‘buying’ it, but we need not be ‘of’ it and buy it ourselves.  Instead, let’s anchor our understanding and resolve in Christ and do what He encourages us to do.   Let’s ”be transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory” (2 Cor 3:8).

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