One child can build a family,

One step can start a journey,

One smile can begin a friendship,

One hand can lift a burden,

One word can set a goal,

One candle can light the darkness,

One laugh can warm a heart,

One hug can conquer gloom,

One hope can raise a cheer,

One kiss can win a heart,

One great truth can build a nation,

One life can change the world,

One choice can change your life! 

             Jesus says, “I have chosen you.” John 15;16

Make your choice Jesus.  Begin to live the “YES” life by His Spirit and Love. It is the Easter Life.

            Think about it:  God’s choice of “One”, His only “One”, came to change your life and bless you forever.  Today your life is governed by what your choices have made it, but with the “One” choice, your life can be one that is blessed and one that is a blessing.

You can be more than you are, if you choose HIM!  He has chosen YOU!

Editor’s Note:  For a free copy of God’s Plan for your Life, write Publisher, P.O. Box 170069, Austin, TX 78717-0069

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