Psa 14:1, “The fool says in his heart there is no God.” 

Looking for truth in this chaotic and confused world? It is not hard to find, but can be hard to accept. We live in a postmodern world, filled with philosophies that compete for truth. Our world shouts, ‘there are no absolutes’, right & wrong is a matter of choice. If this is true, then why do most of us have an innate sense of right and wrong? Could it be that truth is here, that it is available and knowable? YOU BET! 

You and I are made to live the truth…to live as if we are the difference makers in our world. Our lives have purpose, promise, power and passion. Why? Because God exists, because He is life, because He made us for this time on earth, and; because He is with us. 

Scripture says, “The fool says in his heart there is no God.” – Psalm 14:1. Why are there such heated debates around God and His existence? If He exists, why does He matter? 

Here are 5 reasons to know the truth and know God.

#1 Enjoy God

□   God has purpose, for himself & us

□   God makes and fulfills promise, every word he speaks come to fruition

□   God is power, endless and the only source of creation

#2 Encounter God

□   Religion is not enough, God made us to know and be known by Him

□   Relationship is at the root of it all, He desire a personal relationship of trust

□   Reality is formed by truth, faith is evidence of the unseen but the knowable

#3 Experience God

□   Experience God daily by His Presence

□   Listen to God by making yourself available

□   Talk to God by being willing to be used by Him 

#4 Engage with God

□   Journey with Him, this is true life

□   Join with Him in what He is doing, everywhere you go

□   Enjoy His Presence, He delights in doing good

#5 Expect God

□   Purposeful living is found by living His Way

□   Promises fulfilled are discovered in His Truth

□   Power is exchanged when we surrender our life to Him

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