Life is made up of yesterdays, todays and most often tomorrows when one is eighteen years old.  At my age of 82, my yesterdays greatly out number todays and tomorrows. John Ruskin once said, “There is no wealth but life.”  That is true if you know where your life comes from and where it goes.

One day little Johnny came up to his father and asked, “Dad, where did I come from?” Dad squirmed a bit, but thought it was time his son knew the facts of life. So, Dad told Johnny how the expression of love resulted in the beginning of life, how life developed in the womb and finally how a child was born.  As Dad told the story, Johnny’s eyes got wider and wider. When Dad was finished, Johnny said, “Wow, that’s really exciting!  That sure beats what Billy told me. He said that he came from Philadelphia.”

Life in Austin took on an exciting new look in the late 1970s when a young man named Alan Negal moved into town.  Nagel became Austin’s music man who knew where he came from and who he was.  He led the band that brought new life to the city with a strategy built around one statement posted on billboards across the county. What was the statement?   Four simple words, “I found it” with a telephone number below it.  There were no emails during those days so the phones starting ringing.

Nagel and his exciting friends are at it again.  This time it is built around two words , “Explore God?”

Explore God, is the most comprehensive, unified effort to raise spiritual awareness in Greater Austin’s history. The Explore God campaign brings spiritually prepared believers together with spiritually curious people to have conversations about God. Our prayer is that by raising spiritual awareness in our city, the curious will begin thinking and talking and believers will begin listening and sharing. We believe Explore God will be the catalyst for the largest conversation about spiritual things to ever occur in Greater Austin. Will you join the conversation?

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