Do you have those days…maybe years, when you wonder who you are or how you got where you are? I don’t know about you but I certainly have. Occasionally, I catch my aging reflection in the rearview mirror and am astounded to see some stranger staring back at me. Not some back seat ‘boogey-man’ from the horror flicks, I am that occasional stranger.

It is on those not so rare times that we need to really reflect on more than the mirror. Who am I? And, what’s more important who does God say I am. Our worth and identity is found in Christ Jesus. To know who we are, we have to know Him. No room for doubt in His heart…He know who we are and invites us to seek him with confidence and freedom.

“All this is proceeding along lines planned all along by God and then executed in Christ Jesus. When we trust in him, we’re free to speak …whatever needs to be said…. bold to go wherever we need to go. Eph 3:11-13, Message

Do you need a little reflective light today? Here’s a reminder of who you are in Christ.

□   You are a seeker of God’s plan & promise for mankind

□   You are a trusted friend of God

□   You are a messenger made boldly to go where He sends you

□   You are a light giver and lifter of every burden to God

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