I grew up listening to soap operas with my mom.  I remember mom waiting to listen to the Secret Storm – radio was our version of today’s mp3 player! Later when television became the latest and greatest technology, she faithfully watched As the World Turns. Americans across the country became entranced by a whole new world of fantasy and drama.

Life in America is different today. One thing remains, people often live in the storms of  life. Many believe God only watches as the world turns. As big, beautiful and diverse as our world is – deep within us we know something is broken.  The Big D’s (the Devil’s Daily Details) haunt us, even mock us. What is your biggest Daily D of life?

 Discouragement, Disappointment, Desertion; or, Desperation, Disaster, Death or Destruction may be guiding your current circumstances.  Perhaps the dilemma of decision or depression is driving the daily details of your life.  You do not have to live in the drama and pending disaster of life! God has a different destiny in mind for His children. We can all live the life God intended, the Alleluia Life. 

Believing Christians know that our lives are not ruled by the Devil’s Daily D’s. We live toward the truth, that Jesus is not only the Promised One…but the Present One, alive and at work within and around us.  The Present One, Christ Jesus is our guarantee that something better, less fractured and less vulnerable to the Daily D’s of life is available to live in us displaying His purpose, passion & power to a stormy world.

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