Same God?

February 23, 2019The Life God Intended

On “The Five” on FOX network, a liberal member of this media group offered a common misconception about God. While dialoging why moderate Muslims aren’t more outspoken about extreme radical Islam, one of the co-hosts stated that “Islam & Christians shared the same God.”  No! No! No!  Not true!   This is a flat emphatic & resounding … Read More


November 14, 2011The Life God Intended

In life, rejections and unrealistic expectations can be like speed bumps on the street to your house.  They are there to remind you that you are getting close to home.  Watch for the signs:  Slow down! Enjoy the journey —  Heaven is ahead!  As you navigate the humps and bumps on the way, don’t dwell on the … Read More


November 14, 2011The Life God Intended

America is suffering today from some pretty bad choices. Protestors young and old have made the news…fearlessly blaming the government and the banking system for what they don’t have. Some of these citizens want everything equal and have a spirit of entitlement.  Others are just desperate because of the greed that has pillaged the American dream.  Still others are simply … Read More