America is suffering today from some pretty bad choices. Protestors young and old have made the news…fearlessly blaming the government and the banking system for what they don’t have. Some of these citizens want everything equal and have a spirit of entitlement.  Others are just desperate because of the greed that has pillaged the American dream.  Still others are simply living and struggling with the devil’s daily details of life.

What is the answer to the puzzling times we live in?  Answer all of the following questions with the same seven letter word and you may find the pathway through the missing puzzle pieces of life.

  1. What preceded God?
  2. What is greater than God?
  3. What is more evil than the devil?
  4. What do all poor people have?
  5. What do wealthy people need?
  6. If you eat this, you will die
  7. If you drink this, you will swivel up like a prune.


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