Saturday 2pm
LoveTalk on Today’s Word – True Talk Radio. KTXW 1120 am

The Love Ladies

The Love Ladies
Evelyn Davison
Cathy Endebrock

Broadcasting every Saturday at 2 p.m., LoveTalk brings a fresh message of help and hope to listeners across the globe.  Broadcasting from

KTXW – Information with Inspiration – 1120 AM, LoveTalk is a bright light in Christian communications.  Celebrating 30 years of Christian braodcasting, Evelyn Davison, the founder of LoveTalk, keeps dialogue focused and simple while sharing biblical principles for living.  Cathy Enderbrock, LoveTalk co-producer and co-host keeps it real for listeners about the challenges facing America in a post-Christian culture, while bringing a younger generational perspective to the LoveTalk interviews.  Streaming live at KTXW or, these love ladies don’t worry about the future – they bring the truth of Christ into daily living.