In life, rejections and unrealistic expectations can be like speed bumps on the street to your house.  They are there to remind you that you are getting close to home.  Watch for the signs:  Slow down! Enjoy the journey —  Heaven is ahead!

 As you navigate the humps and bumps on the way, don’t dwell on the rain or pain. You can’t stop a tour bus loaded with hate and rejection.  But you can keep hate and rejection from detouring or delaying you while you are homeward bound.  When others reject you, hold on to your rope of hope — Jesus accepts you!

 How?  Smile and keep moving.  Keep both hands on the wheel and rest in God’s protection and provision.   They are the balm of Shiloh delivered by the Savior to heal and deliver you through life’s byways. Life may be going up or down for you, but Jesus is not idle.  He is never distracted, detoured, or delayed!   He is praying and singing as He whispers words of love and encouragement to supply strength for your journey home.

Take a big bite from His limitless love basket, keep your eyes on the road, and pray as you go.  He is watching, He is listening, and He is preparing for your arrival.  

Hooray! See you there, Evelyn

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